Lemnos, with its distinctive coastline and volcanic morphology has numerous of sandy beaches with crystal sapphire and turquoise waters to offer. Some of the island’s best beaches are easily accessible by foot from Myrina while others are a short ride away.

Fanaraki: Crystal clear azure waters, velvet white sand, rocky formations surrounding the bay and the natural cove setting, create a distinctively beautiful scenery which undoubtedly make Fanaraki beach one of the best well-kept secret destinations on Lemnos island. Easily accessed by car, only a few kilometers away from the town of Moudros, Fanaraki is an organized beach with spectacular natural beauty, ideal for all ages and families.

Thanos: Surrounded by volcanic rocks, fine white sand and turquoise waters! Located on the south western edge of the island, partly organized, Thanos beach is loved for visitors seeking serenity, calmness and peace of mind.

Platy: Lively and vivid, Platy beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches of the island. Long and sandy, offers various options of beach bars and organized facilities attracting families and younger people who enjoy water sports.

Richa Nera: Sandy beach with shallow waters only a few steps away from Myrina. Its organized facilities, watersports and variety of nearby tavernas attract families and people of all ages.

Avlonas: In close proximity to Myrina, Avlonas is a marvelous sandy beach with shallow and calm waters. The rocky formations make the beach an ideal place for spearfishers.

Keros: A place of extraordinary beauty, Keros is a very long sandy beach part of a unique ecosystem, surrounded by sand dunes and distinct species of flora. Long sandy beach, turquoise waters and northern winds make Keros the ultimate surfers’ paradise! Organized with great facilities Keros offers the ultimate beach setting for wind and kite surf lovers!

Chavouli: Close to Moudros bay lays another beautiful organized beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. Fig trees and cactus create a distinct beautiful setting as you approach to the shore.

Zematas: One of the furthest and most isolated beaches, north east of Myrina and close to ancient site of Kaviros and Kalliopi village. Zematas beach, with its golden sand and volcanic surroundings is famous for its calmness and breathtaking sunset views.